The strangest motorcycle laws from around the world

The strangest motorcycle laws from around the world

Cars – many countries have special laws regarding motorcycles because they are usually more dangerous than cars for their drivers, but this does not negate that there are a lot of strange laws related to these motorcycles as well, so today we will get acquainted with some of them.

Thailand-no cycling inside tunnels

Thailand has a worldwide reputation for having ridiculous motorcycle laws, and one of the most famous is that motorcycles are not allowed to enter the tunnels in a strange and incomprehensible way, as motorcyclists are not allowed to pass through the tunnels.

New York – you can't drive a motorcycle that doesn't reach for its gas pedal

This may be one of the stupidest laws in history, as it states that those whose foot does not reach the gas pedal of a motorcycle are not allowed to drive it, but what the drafters of this law did not take into account is that if your foot does not reach the gas pedal, you will not be able to drive it in the first place, which means that it is almost impossible to free a violator of a person because of this charge, he will not be able to drive the bike even for a few centimeters.

Minnesota - can't drive a bike with dirty tires

In the US state of Minnesota, there is a law stating that driving a bicycle with dirty tires is illegal, but the important thing here is to understand, how can a person drive any vehicle without having dirty tires while walking by picking up dust from the ground under it.

Canada-it is not allowed to take the left hand off the bike

Canada has the strangest other motorcycle laws, which is that drivers of these motorcycles are not allowed to use their left hand for anything except riding a bicycle at all times, which makes us wonder, what about the right hand

Iowa-helmets are optional

While most of the country is trying to establish laws to ensure the safety of cyclists and impose fines for not wearing helmets just like fines for not wearing safety shoes, in the US state of Iowa, the law states that wearing helmets while driving motorcycles is optional, which is already a strange law.